I have noticed a marked improvement in root growth and an overall improvement in crop quality since incorporating SC27 into our program, since 2001.

 Craig Vines
Mobely Plant Company
Moultrie GA


Of all the biologicals we have seen come and go, SC27 is the real deal! We've been using it since 2000 in the field and in the greenhouses.

 Martin Flora
Hamilton Growers/Southern Valley
Norman Park GA


We can attest the the benefits realized with use of SC27 in our Potato Production. We have noticed an overall improvement in the quality of our potatoes crops.

 Joe Hall
Suwannee Farms
O'Brien FL





SC27 Featured on A Current Affair

Secret to Soil Fertility (The West Australian 10/01/2001)

Several years ago when Frank McKenna, senior research microbiologist at Microgene suggested most farmers don't have enough microbial life in their soils, and if they do, it is often the wrong type. Despite the derision from others it now appears he is correct. Mr McKenna's has developed a formula of specific active organisms, or SC27 as it is known in farming circles and growers all over the world have been experiencing exceptional improvement in soil productivity and improved crop quality. "The over use of chemicals and fertilizers in conventional farming has depleted soils of many of the microbes essential to quality food production," he said. "Soil can be compared to a construction site. You can have all the sand you need and all the cement but unless there are active organisms present, i.e. people, mixing them all together, you won't have anything concrete," he explained.

Chinese impressed: When SC27 trials were completed by the Chinese Government it was so impressed with the 20 per cent improved soil productivity that the story made news headlines. There are similar trials taking place the world over, from lettuce growers in California to coffee plantations in Guatemala. Wheat farmers in Balranald, NSW, have had seen improved soil productivity and viticulturists, in South Australia.

Added bonus of SC27: Barry Kraus, of WA Exotics, a wholesale nursery business, has been testing SC27 for some months with great success, "but what has been an unexpected side benefit has been a big reduction in our use of fungicides," said Kraus. McKenna explains, "Having the correct organisms present in the correct quantities results in a symbiotic relationship forming between them and the growing plants. "The result is bigger, better and healthier plants which are also more able to fight off disease." "